Jersey Shore Half Marathon – Oct 2014

It seems like I am destined to run a half marathon once every two years. So after running my very first one in Mumbai back in January 2010 and then finishing with a better time in Delhi in 2012, it was high time I ran one this year, if only to keep the arithmetic progression going. The fact that my finish time doesn’t seem to follow any patterns of improvement is a matter of shame but I take consolation in the fact that at least I kept running intermittently for the past 4-5 years. What began as a mere experiment has turned out into a routine work out activity and assumed an almost meditative character.

I finished Mumbai HM in 2 hours 31 mins. I bettered this time by almost 15 minutes in Delhi. So in the third running event, I wanted to at least maintain the last record if not better it. But alas, life had taken over, yada, yada, yada and I was to finish with a timing worse than the last time. My preparation was so abysmal that I had begun to question my judgement in wishing to run the third half marathon a week before the “M” day. Having finished the first two respectfully, pulling out of the third one was not an option and that’s how I found myself on the beach of Sandy Hook in New Jersey on that windy day of October 5, 2014.

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Mumbai Half Marathon,2011

So as it turns out,I also Like to run..

I found out about this new Mi Amor very recently,when i ran in Mumbai Half Marathon on 16th January,2011.

As things go,one has to register for such marathons quite a lot in advance.

So very typically,after registering myself for this running event and luckily receiving my bib(its a lucky draw through which they decide who all can actually participate on the D-Day),i could not practise regularly till the beginning of December.I had very valid reasons for doing so;but never mind.

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