Weekend Climbing in Pensylvania

Destination: High Rocks State Park ( Ralph Stover State Park)

Location: 150 Tory Rd, Bucks County Pennsylvinia

Time of the Year: Summer 2014

Summer was the perfect time to move from Indiana to New Jersey and immediately after I had settled down with the routine of my new 9-5 job, I began looking up online to find climbing meetup groups.

New Jersey is not that exciting when it comes to rock climbing; but it’s probably not that bad either. There are climbing areas to the north, at the Gunks and then to the south in Pennsylvania state. After browsing through quite a few meetups based out of New York and Pennsylvania, I ended up on a meetup named ‘Red Rock Climbers’. Founded and kept active by a very enthusiastic mountaineer and rock climber named Arnulf Krualla, this meetup climbs in High Rocks State Park in Pennsylvania every weekend. I had met up with one of the climbers in this group at one of my indoor climbing gym sessions around Princeton and after asking with her a few questions about the group and safety of climbing, I felt assured that it would be alright to go with this group, even though I would hardly know anyone.

“This(High Rocks State Park) area has a long history of climbing activity, its been the mainstay for many climbers for many years and is considered a traditional area since most routes are protected using traditional gear. Winter conditions can be very mild in this sheltered southeast facing valley. Summer can be very hot but there’s always the river for a dip to cool off.” (rockclimbing.com)

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