Climbing in Nainital-Again!

The sun was rising behind the lofty ranges.Small dwellings had started showing up on the mountain side of the road.A cat stretched herself on the rooftop of a house as my bus passed it on the left.Further ahead,a bunch of street dogs crossed our path,barking at one another.Some shops had already opened the store for the day while some were in the middle of doing so.The Lake City of India was waking up to a pleasant winter morning.

Alighting at Tallital,I breathed in the cool air,had a long look at the line of ducks swimming in  Naini lake,called up Tipu to come and pick me up and seated myself in a tea shop with the bread toast and steaming hot tea.


More orders went in for tea as Tipu arrived with his friends.Tipu informed me that I would have about an hour and half in which to freshen myself up and get ready for bouldering at Bara Pathhar.

Not one to disobey orders given by someone who can take me along for climbing,I was ready in time.

I whiled around at Mallital,watching the beautiful poplars and the mosque and the market,waiting for Tipu and Gaurav.

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On the Rocks in Nainital -Nov 2011

I have been dreaming about something since a lot many years.Since the time I first set my foot in the Himalayan hills.Since the time I set my eyes on those national geographic and discovery channel programmes showcasing awesome climbers doing awesome things on rocks and cliffs.Its been my dream to try to do the same in the Himalayas.Or at least,to start to do it.

As some of you might know,I have now moved to North India.Gurgaon(New Delhi Capital Region) to be precise.After taking a month to settle down here,it was high time that i start venturing into the mountains again!After all,wasn’t that one of the major reasons i did not think twice before moving here!(and here is quite a crappy place.Its near Delhi but not Delhi).

So I finished working in office on Friday evening and by 9.30 p.m.,was in a private bus to Nainital with a couple of friends.My pro climber friend-Tipu,who is based in Nainital, was to meet us in Nainital and we were going to be in his hands after that.It was a 12 hours long overnight journey through which i slept and dozed off intermittently,as usual.I  looked out of the window a couple of times and  found myself staring at dense fog on the road.This was November 4th and winter had already arrived here.The mountains did not appear till we reached Haldwani,which is 38 Km from Nainital.

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