Bouldering at Hampi, Karnataka – December 2012

I had never been to the south of Maharashtra in my entire life. Travel always took me north and further north. Untill last month.

Hampi is a small village in Karnataka, better known in the mainstream tourism for its ancient temple and ruins than for its significance as a climbing hub for climbers the world over. Along with Badami, it has a terrain that climbers would call a paradise. Hampi especially, is known as a bouldering spot. You do not require any climbing gear other than your PA shoes, chalk bag and a crash pad. Hampi is also a Hippy town and to quote another traveler friend, it is the where Goan after party takes place. Hampi is  where I was headed to in December of 2012.

I was to unite with my climbing group directly in Hampi, after a brief stop over at Hyderabad. An overnight bus journey would take me from Hyderabad to Hospet where I would board a local bus that would drop me at Hampi, right across the famous Virupaksha temple.

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