Mt. Rainier (14,409 ft) via Emmons Glacier Route – July 2015

The Sun had just peeped a little above the horizon, which was lit up faintly with a familiar reddish orange glow. The bright blob was aligned to the right of the center of the horizon, with the foreground still under the blanket of semidarkness. With each passing minute, we could see a little more of what lay between the mountain we stood on and the mountains far and beyond. As beautiful as it was before the naked eyes, I knew in my mind that it will make for a hopeless picture, unable to do justice to the reality. Nonetheless, I captured what I could and tried to absorb it in. I knew we couldn’t linger on for a long time. It was 4:30 a.m. We still had a long, ‘circuitous’ path ahead of us. There were many more snow step to be treaded and yet more crevasses to be crossed.


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Winter hike on Mt. Washington – the Worst Weather Peak: March 2015

Mt. Wasihngton, New Hampshire. Source:
Mt. Wasihngton, New Hampshire. Source:

Before February of this year, I didn’t even know that there existed a certain Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and that the mountain is infamous as the “Home of the World’s Worst Weather” (although technically that claim is not true, the weather is bad enough! Imagine extremely fast wind speeds combined with low temperatures). Luckily, I have joined a couple of climbing related Meetup groups and I keep getting notifications of upcoming events from these meetups. Someone had posted an event for Mt. Washington winter hike and interested people were supposed to confirm their spot. I did a Google search on Mt. Washington for about 10 mins and signed up for this event by the end of the 15th! Turned out that there were quite a few who wanted to do this tough winter hike and in the end, a group of 6 of us from New York/ New Jersey and Connecticut areas booked a spot each on an IMCS (International Mountain Climbing School) guided climb up the peak.

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