The spikes on the main gate of the fort
Cannons used during defferent periods.

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Sukhna Dam-A Birder’s Paradise

Around 25km from Aurangabad,is a location i have  been planning to visit since my last two holidays.

Known among the birders and photographers for its potential for the respective fields,the dam is around 25mins of journey from the town.

I took around 174 shots out which less than 20 are presentable..highlight of the trip was sighting of bar headed goose and flamingos-winter visitors to this area.Just beautiful birds!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Flamingos with a painted stork

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City of Gates-Aurangabad

My hometown-Aurangabad,named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb,happens to be a very historic place.The city was founded in 1610 A.D. by Malik Amber, the Prime Minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar, on the site of the village called Khirki.

It was ravaged and burnt down in 1621 by the imperial troops under Shah Jahan. Fateh Khan, son of Malik Amber changed the name of Khirki to Fatehnagar.

In 1633, when Prince Aurangzeb was appointed the Viceroy of the Deccan for the second time, he made Fatehnagar his Capital and called it Aurangabad.

Also known as the ‘City of Gates’,it had 52 gates not a very long time ago.These gates served as points of revenue collection while entering the town and were also used for surveillance purpose.Out of 52 ,only 19/20 survive today..a few of them in a very dilapidated condition..

In my swiney vacation,i located 19 of these gates and photographed them.The hunt for the gates did not prove as difficult as i had expected it to be..wikipedia,wikimapia and one old map preserved by my mother(she is a history buff) were all that was needed..I took my best friend-Nehali along,and together,we rode in the old part of the city and completed our task.It was fun,exploring the parts of city i have rarely had reason to go into…not that it was very eye catching or anything..but the whole experience was satisfying..Navigating using a map,standing atop the ancient darwazas et al..

Plus,a history proff told me that Dargah gate,unlike others, is not among the medieval gates of Aurangabad..These 2 points need to be looked after.

Won’t keep you longer,here are the photographs:

1.Makai gate

Makai Gate
Makai Gate

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