My Italian Experience, Nov’16

It’s relatively warm for a late November day and I am sitting under a high ceiling in a Florentine hotel with a quaint charm to it. The curtains on my left run about 15 feet high, hiding the narrow street lanes of the town behind it. The dark wooden furniture, pastel green walls and a decidedly antique chandelier in the hallway take me back by about a century. In my mind, a suspicion flickers that a big part of this may not be original and the antiquity has been installed artificially; but I enjoy it regardless. The room comes with a WiFi connection and a TV screen in one corner. The place might be a 100 years old, but the huge wooden doors to the entrance operate automatically, thus bringing me back from my daydream of a rustic fantasy. The hotel, in many ways, seems to represent my image of Italy, as I experience it from a tourist’s lens in a span of about 6 days.

Day 1 : Tirano, Milan

Bernina Express

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