Harihareshwar-Diveagar Beach Trip-March End 2011

This was my final i.e.8th semester in the engineering college and so the class decided that we all MUST go for a trip somewhere close to Pune.After long long threads on the google group and postponement of the plan 3 or 4 times,we  finally were able to hitch up the trip-Harihareshwar beach visit in the morning followed by Diveagar beach in the noon.Had a wonderful time with my computer engineering classmates.The beaches were beautiful,clean,devoid of crowd and i had a great time in one day..Still,i think i like mountains better. :PI had gone brimming with  tips on photography at beaches,knowledge about the tricks and angles to be used etc etc.The first emotion on reaching Harihareshwar was to get overwhelmed.Just could not figure out what to click,what perspective to use,how to manipulate the exposure.The same thing happened at Diveagar.The sea waves splashing ahead of you,the people jumping joyously in the water..this all looks fascinating.But after a few clicks of the sea,you are left wandering for something new to please the eye.As a result,you will find a lot of abstract pictures in this post.Because once you are done staring enchantedly at the waves confronting you,you are left with nothing but to taking notice of tiny things lying around,the soft sand soothing your legs and the happy people generally having a good time.So friends,go to the beaches and have a hard but happy time clicking around!Now,the photostream…first Diveagar  then Harihareshwar.Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.(The routes from Pune to these beaches take around 6 hours..ovrnight,the route going via Tamhiney Ghat is to be avoided for security purposes.The same route seemed beautiful during daytime while returning to Pune.)