Birds of Yellowstone – May 2014

Among the avian creatures, perching birds happen to be my favorites. They are tiny, cute, colorful and present almost everywhere. I get fascinated and amused looking at birds as they perch, ruffle their feathers, flip their wings, chirp or sing. Knowing their names is a pastime I indulge in every now and then and doing it takes me a little closer to their world.

It was no surprise then that I clicked loads of pictures of the winged beauties in my trip to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2014. To be honest, this was a very rushed trip. Moreover,  I spent most of the time in the car, looping around the park for two days. So I didn’t see as much bird life as one would have expected. Still, whatever little I saw, gave me a good enough glimpse and I can’t wait for another trip to the YNP.

The park, a heaven for the wild flora and fauna, was a treat to the eyes in many respects.  Just before starting my exploration on the first day of the trip, our hotel was visited by a brewer’s blackbird and a black-billed magpie. That day, as I explored the area around Mammoth Springs, walking on the boardwalk connecting several hot springs in the area, I repeatedly passed by five birds: Mountain blue bird – male and female, chipping sparrow, yellow-rumped warbler, killdeer and violet green swallow. During the later part of the day when I was going around the upper and lower loop of the park, I saw many more birds but sadly, I couldn’t photograph them. So what follows ahead is a series of pictures that I was able to capture in my hurried trip in the park. Although this first trip was full of amazing sights, a more elaborate trip is very much in the bucket list.


mountain blue bird male
mountain blue bird male
Mountain bluebird male
Mountain bluebird male

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Backyard Birds of Indiana

Saturday morning saw a little drop in the chilliness of the air. From -15 degree Celsius the previous day, temperature had risen to +1 degree.

A pleasant sunshine must have invited  birds out of their nests;  cuz I woke up to a lot of sweet chirping in my backyard.

Blessed with a cozy house with a smallish forest ( okay, I like to call it a forest), I feel lucky to have been able to spot these birds in a span of half an hour.

Hope you enjoy these glimpses of Backyard Birds of Indiana ( Bloomington), as much as I enjoyed running behind the beautiful creatures.

Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal-female

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