Birds of Yellowstone – May 2014

Among the avian creatures, perching birds happen to be my favorites. They are tiny, cute, colorful and present almost everywhere. I get fascinated and amused looking at birds as they perch, ruffle their feathers, flip their wings, chirp or sing. Knowing their names is a pastime I indulge in every now and then and doing it takes me a little closer to their world.

It was no surprise then that I clicked loads of pictures of the winged beauties in my trip to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2014. To be honest, this was a very rushed trip. Moreover,  I spent most of the time in the car, looping around the park for two days. So I didn’t see as much bird life as one would have expected. Still, whatever little I saw, gave me a good enough glimpse and I can’t wait for another trip to the YNP.

The park, a heaven for the wild flora and fauna, was a treat to the eyes in many respects.  Just before starting my exploration on the first day of the trip, our hotel was visited by a brewer’s blackbird and a black-billed magpie. That day, as I explored the area around Mammoth Springs, walking on the boardwalk connecting several hot springs in the area, I repeatedly passed by five birds: Mountain blue bird – male and female, chipping sparrow, yellow-rumped warbler, killdeer and violet green swallow. During the later part of the day when I was going around the upper and lower loop of the park, I saw many more birds but sadly, I couldn’t photograph them. So what follows ahead is a series of pictures that I was able to capture in my hurried trip in the park. Although this first trip was full of amazing sights, a more elaborate trip is very much in the bucket list.


mountain blue bird male
mountain blue bird male
Mountain bluebird male
Mountain bluebird male

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Backyard Birds of Indiana

Saturday morning saw a little drop in the chilliness of the air. From -15 degree Celsius the previous day, temperature had risen to +1 degree.

A pleasant sunshine must have invited  birds out of their nests;  cuz I woke up to a lot of sweet chirping in my backyard.

Blessed with a cozy house with a smallish forest ( okay, I like to call it a forest), I feel lucky to have been able to spot these birds in a span of half an hour.

Hope you enjoy these glimpses of Backyard Birds of Indiana ( Bloomington), as much as I enjoyed running behind the beautiful creatures.

Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal-female

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Sukhna Dam-A Birder’s Paradise

Around 25km from Aurangabad,is a location i have  been planning to visit since my last two holidays.

Known among the birders and photographers for its potential for the respective fields,the dam is around 25mins of journey from the town.

I took around 174 shots out which less than 20 are presentable..highlight of the trip was sighting of bar headed goose and flamingos-winter visitors to this area.Just beautiful birds!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Flamingos with a painted stork

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Don’t I always say that you can follow a lot of bird activity right from your window?Here’s a barn owl thats been visiting my hostel for some days now..first pic is from my camera and the other one from google.

As a friend of mine would like to say,

Happy Birding,

P.S.: This reminds me of Hogwarts..Hedwig,the snowy owl..I was such a fan of Harry Potter series …and Incidentally, i finished my ‘muggle- O.W.Ls’ today… 😀

Urban Birds-A Brief Database

A few more words:
What you see in this post is an attempt at creating a brief database of my bird sightings. This database is meant to help in quick identification of some fairly commonly found birds,based on the pictures and distinguishing characteristic features(wherever mentioned).I have refrained from giving out detailed description regarding shape,plumage color,sound calls,feeding habits,usual habitations etc as it would have taken me forever to include all that info.Referring afield guide is the best recommendation in that context.


But let me state that barring 12 cases,all of these 65 bird sightings havetaken place from my bedroom window or hostel window & CoEP Boat Club at Aurangabad and Pune respectively.One of the intentions behind creating this database is to bring to light the fact that one can witness a large variety of birds even in an urban setting,without having to go specially outdoors.(though nobody has asked me to prove it as such..)

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