Pune-Aurangabad Bike Ride-June 2011

The tarry black of the road ahead of me was shining with the wetness of the monsoons.A strong wind was howling against my bike and the helmet.It had so much power that the bike swayed a couple of times.The howl had turned into a roar now and I could feel myself enjoying the disco-like beats,the  ones that sound like dhub-dhijik-dhub-dhub-dhijik,that the wind was creating inside the helmet.The path,as always,was long and curvy.I passed a lot many cars,trucks,two wheelers,villages and people.Whether I was passing them or I was still and it was in fact they,who were passing me in reverse,i can’t be sure!

So this is the romanticized version of my bike ride from Pune to Aurangabad that i undertook a few days back.I had done it once a couple of years ago.It had been my dream to make the ride again,alone,without anybody’s help.But powers that be ensured that the dream would only be half-fulfilled.So i settled for a ride without a pillion but with a friend following me in his car.

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A spontaneous bike ride to Lonavala.

It was 9 a.m.The weather was beautiful..meaning,clouded,cool and all greens were in bloom.and it wasn’t raining.

So i just hitched up with a friend and by 9.40 we had kicked started the bike.The ride was fun.Because it was spontaneous and because the journey was full of hills around us,the clean grey asphalt and because the music was ringing in the four ears that were totally tuned into this ride.

We reached lonavala in 1.5 hours(including the sandwich break),spent some time there clicking pictures and getting awed at the Lion’s point,sipping coffee in the roadside stall waiting for the rain to subside.

Back by 4.30 p.m,the ride was one of my memorable ones.Proceed to the photos now,

lohagad visapur can be seen at a distance

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Bike Ride to Panshet.


Destination-Panshet,45 km from Pune.

Our rides-A Honda Unicorn and a Bullet.

Duration of the trip(to n fro)-4 hours..6.30a.m to 10.30 a.m.

Road conditions-Average..Road to Lavasa is in 5 times better condition..nonetheless,a comfortable journey.The route is more or less winding throughout.So we could never speed up to say ,100kmph..60-70 was the avg speed.

Pit stops-A nondescript  pond we came across some time after crossing Sinhagad and later, Khadakwasla dam while returning.

Highlight of the trip:Encke rides the Bullet from Panshet to Pune.

Verdict-The choice of location was good.The  countryside route,which had hills accompanying it along one side provides a respite to the bored mind.But the place and the route will be most scenic in Monsoons.Hope to go back there that time.Even though the vegetation had gone dry,cool(not chilling) weather conditions made the ride pleasant.Good for a quick trip,but as i said,i want to check it out once again in the rains.

Now the pictures,

creating waves!

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