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Chopta - Tungnath - Deoria Tal (47)

I am currently based in Bloomington, Indiana Princeton, New Jersey in USA.  ‘About me’ has undergone periodic changes as I have moved from one place to another in different phases of my life (and this blog). Long story short, I am a typical Indian 20-something who has stuck to mostly conventional choices in life – education and career wise but more often that not, I have been defined (by myself and others) by things outside of those two facets. I love mountains, rock climbing, photographing and dogs. I would be happy if somebody provides me with these 4 entities but alas, life has never been that simple. So basically, I have a 9-6 IT related job that leaves me with free weekends.

I surf the Net a lot and it has enabled me to meet some wonderful people and friends. I also like to hang out with friends in my non-virtual existence, doing all things that people my age do.

Feel free to reach out to me on trekkergirl@gmail.com.
I am generally prompt on replying!

-Neha Pulkeshi Kulkarni

July 2013  August 2014


28 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Neha,

    The photographs on your blog are real beautiful and nicely composed. I could not stop admiring the beautifully clicke colors and subjects. I am picking up on photography and hope to be at least a tenth creative as you are. It would have been really helpful if you had made available the EXIF data for some of the photographs. It would help study the photographs for enthusiast like me. That was just a suggestion 🙂

    Thanks for such fabulous photographs! Keep posting.

    Best regards,

    1. Hey thanks a ton Mandar!it feels good to hear all that you have said..im also a novice still…theres something new to learn in every trip..

      all the photos on this blog are also uploaded to my picasa album.
      You can get the exif data from the ‘more information’ option there..if you cant locate the photos on picasa albums,let me know on my email id.I’ll make sure that i send u the exif data of the particular photos..specifying all the info at the time of updating the blog eats up a lot of time..hence the lazyness 🙂

      1. my god!wonderful pictures…

        and you say that “you are picking up on photography??!!!” 🙂

        I have added you as a contact on flickr..though i havent uploaded many pictures there,,


  2. i am really interested in rock climbing… want to be one.. if u are going for someplace .. do hook me in 🙂

    P.S. – pics are gr8, n soo is ur writing 🙂

    1. Hi Vishwas..if u r staying in pune,u can now pratice climbing at the Raja Shivaji Wall in Shivajinagar.while monsoons are on,thts the only n best place to practise rock climbing..

  3. wow. and i thought girls like u never happened. dont mind me hitting on u bluntly, but seeing a computer engineer girl with a flair in writing and liking for photography, bikes and rock-climbing, and that too amongst kulkarni’s is quite hard to believe. 😀
    it’s equivalent of finding life on mars. 😉
    jokes apart, i became a big fan of urs after going through ur blogs and profile. keep going places. 🙂


  4. hey..this was just awesome..share few common things with you like being a comp engineer , a camera round the neck and of course..love for the sahyadris and cross country rides ..not tried a hand on rock climbs yet but seems after lookin at the snaps and some well wriiten blogs would definately like to do some..do let me know if you have any plans for newbies like me 🙂 – Pranav

    1. hi Pranav,
      climbing on natural rock will be off during the rains..but if u live in pune,u can always learn n practise techniques at Raja Shivaji Climbing wall in shivajinagr..i go there for my practise…

    1. Hi Andrea.The artificial wall in the city is not functional as of now as far as I know.But you can go for bouldering on a hillock in Fergusson College premises on Fergusson College Road(called FC road in pune).There’s a group of climbers who go there for practice on weekend mornings.I used to practice with them when i was in pune.Now i hv moved to new delhi.Here’s the contact number of one of those climbers.I am sure he would be happy to help you out:
      Sachin Gaikwad :1)9823081440 2)9403354667
      Let me know if u need more info.

  5. Came across your blog while searching for info on the Tamhini Valley… and was so mesmerized by the blog that I spent a lot of time reading that and other posts. Completely hooked on! You indeed have a flair for writing and photography! Keep the spirit going. Look forward to reading more posts


  6. Last weekend had been to Sudhagad. This weekend planning to visit Siddhagad and while searching info for it I found your blog. Nice blog ❤ it. Had been to Gorak last year November and was blessed with drizzle and cloudy climate. It was totally awesome. I'm based in Mumbai , Thanks for your time making such nice articles,

  7. Hi Neha, I just discovered your blog while doing search for Lingti Valley in Spiti. And I’m so glad that I reached at your amazing blog, it’s incredible. So many treks, hikes at such different places; I find it really inspiring. Keep sharing stories 🙂

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