Stok Kangri,Ladakh-August 2011

These are the pictures from my trek to Stok Kangri peak in Ladakh,last August.The post has long been pending.I am only uploading the pictures as of now.

I call it a trek since even though I summitted this peak,some 6153meters in altitude,there was no technical skill required for doing so.All I had to do,was to trek along the easy trail till the top of the mountain.The real fun started when summit was about 3 hours away.The altitude had started showing its effect in the sense that the rate at which one would tire out before taking a break in the walk had increased after that.The view then on became magnificent.The glacier on the left side,sun rising from behind a serrated horizon on the right side and the summit right ahead ,high in front of the nose.

This was a very nice experience and made me feel ready for my next peak.

The slideshow:

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