Pune-Aurangabad Bike Ride-June 2011

The tarry black of the road ahead of me was shining with the wetness of the monsoons.A strong wind was howling against my bike and the helmet.It had so much power that the bike swayed a couple of times.The howl had turned into a roar now and I could feel myself enjoying the disco-like beats,the  ones that sound like dhub-dhijik-dhub-dhub-dhijik,that the wind was creating inside the helmet.The path,as always,was long and curvy.I passed a lot many cars,trucks,two wheelers,villages and people.Whether I was passing them or I was still and it was in fact they,who were passing me in reverse,i can’t be sure!

So this is the romanticized version of my bike ride from Pune to Aurangabad that i undertook a few days back.I had done it once a couple of years ago.It had been my dream to make the ride again,alone,without anybody’s help.But powers that be ensured that the dream would only be half-fulfilled.So i settled for a ride without a pillion but with a friend following me in his car.

I left Pune(Vimannagar) at 1.30p.m. and drove continuously all the way to Aurangabad(239kms) with an hour-long break for lunch after 150km .I reached at 6.15 p.m.It was a really good ride since I was able to ride consistently at 80kmph for a large part of the journey.The feel of the bike was nice.Revving upto 110kmph at  a few times felt great.My bike(Honda Unicorn-150cc) makes me proud.Her suspension is great.She did not break down.I had taken care of the tyres and tubes.So this time,they did not get punctured.The recently reconstructed/repaired roads were in a very good condition too.Luckily,traffic was less.I would have carried a break wire and a clutch wire in spares,but i had recently replaced them.

I had a ball of a time whenever the disco music started playing in my helmet.Its true.I am not exaggerating.

Unlike the last time,the body did not get sore.And i had the psychological benefit of having someone around in the car in case things went wrong.

No pictures to speak about my story.The road and the vegetation around would look beautiful after a few more showers but that day,it was still pretty dry.

The ride raised my confidence  about long distance riding(in terms of endurance to sit in the same position and focus on riding for long hours together) so much that i almost decided to join the Chandigarh-KharDungLa-Chandigarh ride that my friends are going to undertake in a few days to come.

But i had to choose between biking and climbing.And so,climbing its going to be.My ambitious climbing plans have already got foiled about which i have no intention to speak.But to console myself,i have made some alternative arrangements.You will hear more on that once i finalize  my travel plans.

Till then,take care and have a good time.


6 thoughts on “Pune-Aurangabad Bike Ride-June 2011

  1. Not sure if I can call myself a hardcore biker .. still, Welcome to the gang .. Will be waiting for a post from you titled “Alone for a K Kms” 😉

  2. So thats why you had given your bike for servicing and maintenance 😛
    Nevertheless, I like the post. And the dhub-dhub-dhijik-dhub-dhub part also!

    “But powers that be ensured that the dream would only be half-fulfilled” – story of all our lives? 🙂

    1. yeah,story of our lives!!I had tried to judge the reaction at home by casually mentioning about riding alone ..it wasnt favourable.So dropped it.

  3. I know this is wayy too late a reply to an old post, but I was looking for someone (anyone!!) who also climbs rocks in Aurangabad (basically I want a belayer :D) and ran into your post. As someone who’s done the Pune-Aurangabad ride at least (and I’m not kidding) 60-70 times in the last 6 years, It’s quite refreshing to see someone write about it. Kudos! and if you do end up reading this, I’m looking for someone with a debilitating thirst for challenging treks/climbs in/around aurangabad. (won’t mind riding either) 🙂 till then, cheers and happy landings!

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