The spikes on the main gate of the fort
Cannons used during defferent periods.

Coming from the main gate..going toward Chand Minar
Tha Gang-at Hatti Houd
A tone mapped image of Daulatabad fort seen from its base
A tone mapped image of Chand Minar-surveillance tower of the fort
The beautiful Bharatmata mandir at the base of the fort
Inside Bharatmata Mandir
Group photo
Other tourists at the fort
Chand minar seen while we go up the fort..
My gang on the bridge leading up the fort
Reached the top of the fort-Baradari(King’s Palace)
Rear View
The brave squirrels of Daulatabad.They have absolutely no fear of Human beings.
These squirrels will come to you for food the moment you open your bags.
Looking beyond!
janardan swami samadhi at the top of fort
Daulatabad village seen from Baradari
Peregrine Falcon
Chand Minar again

Ellora : We mostly spent time at Kailas temple and had a superficial look at jain vaces(cave numbers 31to 35 and one buddhist cave-cave 12).

Bibi-ka-Maqbara :sadly,i did not click at the maqbara thinking i’d do it in a better way the next time around.So,very few clicks from there.

Ajintha :We spent day 2 here.We had decided not to take a guide since we would be bound to him and have to follow him.But the moment we entered the first cave,it was clear that an informative guide is necessary to really be able to appreciate the works.So we hired one(after due bargaining,he charged rs.800 for 9 people).We covered the main 5 caves with the guide and later went around the remaining caves in free time.Cave 26 was fabulous.Due to the effect of lights installed inside,photos come out really well!