Photowalk at Butterfly Garden and Shinde Chhatri

After a delay of  many weekends , aditto  finally found the time for a photowalk and we found ourselves at a newly opened Butterfly Park in Aranyeshwar area of Pune.

We reached the park around 10-10.30 a.m.,which was supposedly the ideal time for visiting the butterflies.

The park turned around to be pretty basic with no unusual species of butterflies to treat the eyes with.Yes,butterflies were sure to be seen but they were of the usual variety-common crow, great eggfly, blue jay,tailed jay,plain tiger and common leopard.

I have routinely seen these butterflies at CoEP boat club! May be the timing was not right or may be I need to wait for few more months for the park to get populated by more colorful creatures.

But I still am  glad to have visited the place as this was my first ever taste of a photo shoot of butterflies.Found it to be a difficult job,demanding a lot of patience & prediction and not quite fruitful if one doesn’t have a tele or an ultra zoom lens.Here are a few pictures I have managed to click with the 18-70mm lens of my Nikon. 
Tailed Jay

Plain tiger
Blue Jay
Great Eggfly
Common Leopard
Next on the itinerary was a place called Shinde Chhatri,around 4-5 kms from the park,at Wonworie.
It is a memorial dedicated to the great Maratha soldier, Mahadji Shinde. For twenty years, between 1760 and 1780, he served as the commander-in-chief of the Maratha army under the Peshwas. The entire complex of the memorial also consists of a temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which was built by Mahadji himself, in the year 1965, Madhavrao Sindhia got the entire complex built, along with the samadhi (memorial). Shindyanchi Chhatri of Pune is under the management of the Sindhia Devasthan Trust of Gwalior.
I liked the place for it was not crowded and one could take human-less photos of the architecture.The architecture, with its tainted windows, is not just beautiful,but well preserved as well.
Shinde Chhatri-first view
Shindyanchi chhatri
staircase to the 1st floor.
clicked from the staircase


1st floor

1st floor

tried to cut out the cement bags at the left side of the hall.


Memorial of Mahadji Shinde
(L-R)Photowalkers-Aditya Marathe,Neha Kulkarni,Aziz,Manoj

(Group photo clicked on Aditya’s canon.)

Thanks for watching!It was a nicely spent Sunday Morning!

Here’s the photostream:


11 thoughts on “Photowalk at Butterfly Garden and Shinde Chhatri

  1. Very good photos, especially of the chattri…
    Few things…
    Thanks for giving names to the butterflies!!!! I did not know any of them 🙂
    I did not see the leopard anywhere.
    I really liked the perspective with wich uve taken the pics at chattri. Especially the one which you took sitting down on the floor, looking up, 2 pics above nandi.

    A few more things…
    I think a few pics are tilted slightly by 5 degrees or so, i use windows live photo gallery to automatically correct that..
    some pics could be cropped slightly to give a bit of symmetry where it was intended
    lastly 😛 it was not “only” me who was not getting time.. ur equally the partner in crime!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    yes ,most photos clicked at Chhatri were tilted..i tried to use lightoom to correct the angle but then,some of the things i wanted to show in the photos were getting did not correct them much..will try using windows live though..never tried it b4..also,one horribly tilted pic(the one above ur pic) is by mistake i think..noticed it only now.i must hv gone overboard experimenting with tilt angles.

    about being partners in crime,i knew u’d say that !:P

  3. Surprised to see Lantana camara planted in a butterfly park! With exotics like lantana, surely the abundance of common butterflies will be high, but the rarer ones will stay away. Anyways, Nice photos!

  4. Hey nice clicks!!! Kudos for clicking butterflies! U captured the right moment!!
    I would like to visit butterfly garden.
    Shindyanchi chhatri challi asti na Aga khan aivaji 😛 It also seems to be a nice place. calm and well preserved!!

    1. Oh yes! Thanks for pointing it out! My post stands corrected (edited).

      I didn’t know that the eggfly mimics the common crow so closely. Some amount of google search does reveal the difference between the two though.

      Btw, do you know if Great Eggfly and Danaid Eggfly are the same? They look extremely
      similar but I guess they belong to different species?

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