Bouldering in Pune..continued(III)

Place:Fergusson College Quarry.Its a cold December morning and Viru sir shines on the rocks and in the pictures.The team has got larger now.Its so much fun to come and make your body sore over 3-4 hours of bouldering.Pictures of a practice session a week before we are to leave for Tamhini valley for climbing.

Good Morning,Pune!

thats our climbing group

10 thoughts on “Bouldering in Pune..continued(III)

    1. the quarry is on the hillock in Fergusson college campus..u can ask neone from the college/college ground how to go on the hill..we go from the gate of the college near the ground..or soemtimes via bmcc…
      lemme know if u need some more directions…

  1. Is there a Climbing/ Bouldering Gym in Pune? I moved from Germany to Pune and would like to keep climbing?! And at the moment there is no wheater to go out?!
    I need your help….

    1. Hi. Well there used to be 2 really nice climbing walls in Pune till about a year and a half ago.One in Shivajinagar and one in Pimpri.Both are not in working condition right now due to lack of govt. support..For bouldering in the natural rocks,u can go to the quarry on the hillock in Fergusson college campus on Fergusson college road.Most pune climbers either practice on the artificial walls or otherwise can be found at this quarry at early mornings and evening..more chances of meeting people on weekends..activity might be lower currently due to rains and wet rock.You can contact Sachin Gaikwad who is a friend of mine and is a regular at the quarry.his number:09823081440.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Nice…is it still there? I’d love to do it, its been long while I’m sitting idle 😦 😦
    Sadly its the summer…but its fine with my group 🙂
    Thanks for the information, I’m in Pune from more than 7 years and I dint know.

    1. Yes, bouldering and rock climbing is still on in the quarry.. u can probably find people practicing there on weekend mornings…although in a few days, rains will start and climbing will have to take a break.
      Let me know if you need to find people.

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