A spontaneous bike ride to Lonavala.

It was 9 a.m.The weather was beautiful..meaning,clouded,cool and all greens were in bloom.and it wasn’t raining.

So i just hitched up with a friend and by 9.40 we had kicked started the bike.The ride was fun.Because it was spontaneous and because the journey was full of hills around us,the clean grey asphalt and because the music was ringing in the four ears that were totally tuned into this ride.

We reached lonavala in 1.5 hours(including the sandwich break),spent some time there clicking pictures and getting awed at the Lion’s point,sipping coffee in the roadside stall waiting for the rain to subside.

Back by 4.30 p.m,the ride was one of my memorable ones.Proceed to the photos now,

lohagad visapur can be seen at a distance

near lion’s point,lonavala
Lion’s point,Lonavala
lion’s point,lonavala
lioness point,lonavala

taptap at a tapri

art.. 😀
the bike,the road.
way back..
end of the journey.

3 thoughts on “A spontaneous bike ride to Lonavala.

  1. i also adore such spontaneous biking trips. i remember going to lonavala couple of yrs back in pouring rains just because i got a little wet while coming out of e-square. no jacket, no helmet, nothing; and was shivering uncontrollably on the way back.

    btw, lavassa is also worth a drive in monsoon on bike. the road is a biker’s paradise, barring the ill-placed speed-breakers and is quite scenic and satisfying all along. try it, in case u havent already.

    and hey, nice pics. i liked that ‘art’ one.

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