Sukhna Dam-A Birder’s Paradise

Around 25km from Aurangabad,is a location i have  been planning to visit since my last two holidays.

Known among the birders and photographers for its potential for the respective fields,the dam is around 25mins of journey from the town.

I took around 174 shots out which less than 20 are presentable..highlight of the trip was sighting of bar headed goose and flamingos-winter visitors to this area.Just beautiful birds!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Flamingos with a painted stork

Flamingos about to fly
bar headed goose
bar headed goose
brahminy ducks and bar headed goose
Green Bee eater

5 thoughts on “Sukhna Dam-A Birder’s Paradise

  1. I never knew of this place when I was there and now it is suddenly so far away. Awesome pics… Glad that you are going to these places. How is the Alan Madan Kulang plan??

    1. well then lets keep this visit on the agenda ever whenever u come to abad..
      AMK is in christmas!!preparations goin on šŸ™‚

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