Sinhagad on a Lazy Sunday

Four bikes .. 8 people .. mildly rainy weather … 58 minutes of climbing up … clear view of the ranges from the top … fog-filled valleys below the eye-level … pretty flowers and insects …a breezy ride back to the town..Howzit for 5 hours of respite !









Rosy Starling
Brahminy  Starling



7 thoughts on “Sinhagad on a Lazy Sunday

  1. beautiful pics … what equipment do you use? can you put up a bigger version of the first pic in this post? it’s just a really good composition.
    keep up the good work.

    1. thanks anon!i use canon photography accessories as of now..yes,thats a good idea to insert large sized pictures..I’ll definitely do that..

  2. Very nice blog with pics. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Sinhagad on our Kinetic Honda. Was wondering if the ghat roads are safe to ride and if u have personally ridden a scooter thr? Did you guys switch off the engine downhill on your way back? Need some tips, Thanks, Kusum

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